Who has more riding on their eyes than scores of professional athletes that make millions of dollars for the talent and skill associated with their eyes?

Daric Barton  had laser eye surgery:

and so did

  • LeBron James of Cleveland had his eyes zapped in Los Angeles.  He said after his Los Angeles LASIK his vision improved from 20-40 to 20-15.  His field goal percentage went from 46% to 49%.
  • Jhonny  Peralta chased bad pitches in 2006 that he hadn’t chased before because he couldn’t see the ball well.  After his LASIK surgery, he improved from minor near-sightedness to 20-15 vision.  His batting average went from to .254 to .270.
  • Tiger Woods, was one of the earliest to have laser vision correction in Washington. He went 16 straight tournaments without a victory before having his vision surgically corrected in late 1999.  Post-Lasik, he won seven of his next 10 matches.  He has said everything immediately looked bigger, the ball, his clubs, the greens, the hole. He even had laser enhancement surgery.
  • Rip Hamilton basketball player had Lasik surgery before the 2004-2005 NBA season.  His field goal percentage went from 44% to 47%.
  • Tom Kite had LASIK in 1998 and won six events on the Champions Tour over the next five years.
  • Hale Irwin captured the Senior PGA Tour Nationwide  Championship, three months after his Laser Vision correction surgery.

These athletes depend on their eyes for their lucrative livelihood, fame, and popularity.  The hand eye coordination fetches them millions of dollars. If they can trust laser vision correction, I think, so can you. But none of them went to inexperienced lasik surgeons. Choose a good experienced albiet expensive laser vison correction surgeon to trust your eyes to.