So you have shaved your head to get more aerodynamic. Even bought the latest swimwear to decrease resistance of the water. Now what are you going to do about that poor vision? Are you going to keep denying, and land up in the wrong lanes? But my friend says that LASIK is dangerous for swimmers? The same crazy one who wears contActs lenses and swims? The one who ignores all the published reports about how much safer LASIK is than contact lenses. Well you can have lasek or superlasek than. Professional water polo players have had LASIK. see what Ryan Bailey has to say about superlasik eye procedure.

“Nathalie Bartleson, US Olympic Gold medalist swimmer and 9-time world champion had LASIK with California LASIK surgeon.
Did we mention nine times world champion.
Is your cousin still swimming in ignorance or winning medals like Bailey and bartleson?