What has le bron James taught dwyane wade? D
LASIK is safe and much better than contacts. Especially in the fourth quarter when, the face is all sweaty. So listening to his pal, this MVP and ring holder decided to explore the world of LASIK eye surgery. He was scared cause it was the eyes, bro. Not your butt where you could get anything Tatooed. So he looked in le brons eyes, and than into various you tube videos. Finally, he picked the bball did a dunk and the dude was ago. Having a pain free, short procedure that can enhance your vision is a life changing event. Just like bringing Bosch and the King to his team.
This season, if the lockout ends should be interesting. What would be more interesting is entire team whcih has haid lasik eye surgery. Maye that team woukd be called the I Team?