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Athletes have to give their best everytime they step on to the field. A typical NBA player’s body is a machine which is highly tuned and in great shape. So what makes anyone think that their vision should not be the best? A quarterback has to overcome his fears so he can throw an accurate pass,when the defense is about to blitz him. They also need to overcome their fears and go to a top lasik eye doctor to enhance their vision with state of the art lasers.


Falcon has LASIK

Atlanta Falcon Defensive End Kroy Biermann suffered from astigmatism. He wore contacts lenses to see the pigskin better.Yet contact lenses could not provide clear vision. Irritation and frequent redness affected his game.

“I’ve worn contacts ever since I was in complete school and they never really fit right,” said Biermann. “ the procedure, and how great their sight is since they had it..”

He had custom LASIK using advanced laser technology to sharpen his eyes by correcting the childhood astigmatism. He could see right away.

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Superbowl LASIK

Fun to play golf with Jason David. Hole to hole we chatted and fun and laughed as we tried to get better than tiger woods. Tiger was incidentally playing near my office in westlake village. Jason as you may remember won a superbowl ring playing for the saints in 2007.
Oh yes he did have LASIK a year ago. He is very happy with the vision he enjoys now.