LASIK surgery is a safe, effective and comfortable procedure. Many patients experience concerns or doubts prior to their surgery. These feelings are normal and with the proper surgeon all possible questions can be answered and explained. What one needs to understand about the LASIK procedure is how safe it is.      

 Contrary to popular belief the LASIK procedure is extremely quick and simple. When performed by an experienced surgeon in a controlled environment the procedure is exceedingly safe. It is important that the patient selects a qualified  doctor. The doctor should be well educated and have surgical experience in LASIK or the vision correction procedure of choice. The LASIK procedure is performed in a Laser suite with many precautions taken to ensure the patients safety.

 The LASIK procedure is also extremely effective, after years of wrestling with contacts and glasses, and struggling to connect with the natural world. After surgery patients are able to return to their place of work, drive and continue in their every day activities. LASIK truly enhances one’s quality of life allowing them to experience everything with clear, notably improved vision. It allows individuals to participate in sports activates, attend formal events and experience everyday life without worrying about losing contact lens, or removing glasses before a photo. This is an extremely effective procedure. The majority of patients have remarkably improved vision immediately after surgery.

 With a skilled surgeon and proper surgical preparations the patient is comfortable for the duration of the procedure. The patient is given a medicated pill prior to the surgery, in an effort to relax them for the duration of the surgery.

 LASIK is a blessing to so many patients; patients can not believe the miraculous transformation of sight.