Laser vision correction or LASIK can improve the abilities of athlete’s participating in active sports as well as individuals above fifty such as golfers, or tennis players.Studies have shown that the top sports athletes have vision better than 20/20. Unfortunately not all athletes have such great natural vision; some rely on glasses or contact lens to improve their vision. Laser vision correction can impart awesome vision correction to sports athletes and active individuals.

Wearing glasses or contacts can unnecessarily separate one from the natural world and cause difficult barriers. By making the decision to receive laser vision enhancement one is able to perform at the best of their ability without any interference.

LASIK is a safe, effective and comfortable procedure. The procedure itself takes only 5 minutes and most patients are able to return to work and drive the following day. The recovery time is extremely quick and the rewards are well worth it. Although this procedure is timely and comfortable it is important that the patient is treated by an experienced and skilled doctor to ensure the patients safety. Dr. Khanna offers a variety of procedures to fit each patient’s specific vision needs. He has been trained in various prestigious institutes in the United States and has performed LASIK along with many other procedures for years. For athletes and all individuals in need of vision correction procedures it is important to put your eyes in the hands of skilled doctor such as Los Angeles LASIK surgeon Dr. Khanna. Many athletes, entertainers, and actors have received Laser vision correction and other eye procedures and now have optimum results. LASIK improves the quality of your life, your performance abilities and allows you to focus without struggling with glasses or contacts.

Each person is treated as an individual by individualizing each patient and analyzing their specific needs. The procedure is tailored to their eyes and therefore the safety factor is increased. The patient’s safety is the most crucial aspect of the procedure especially if your career depends on it. Dr. Khanna performs his procedures in a sterilized surgery center and uses only the state of the art technology. Safety is an essential factor especially when operating on the eyes, one of the body’s most pivotal senses. Many doctors offer LASIK but only some can deliver what they promise. You should choose someone who himself is an active sportsperson and plays competitive sports regularly and would treat you like a family member.

A new and advanced procedure known as PRELEX can help these individuals with their distance, middle and near vision allowing them to focus on driving ranges or participate in a tennis match, performing at the top of their game.