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Athletes have to give their best everytime they step on to the field. A typical NBA player’s body is a machine which is highly tuned and in great shape. So what makes anyone think that their vision should not be the best? A quarterback has to overcome his fears so he can throw an accurate pass,when the defense is about to blitz him. They also need to overcome their fears and go to a top lasik eye doctor to enhance their vision with state of the art lasers.


Falcon has LASIK

Atlanta Falcon Defensive End Kroy Biermann suffered from astigmatism. He wore contacts lenses to see the pigskin better.Yet contact lenses could not provide clear vision. Irritation and frequent redness affected his game.

“I’ve worn contacts ever since I was in complete school and they never really fit right,” said Biermann. “ the procedure, and how great their sight is since they had it..”

He had custom LASIK using advanced laser technology to sharpen his eyes by correcting the childhood astigmatism. He could see right away.

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Beckham needs LASIK?

from the Kickette community

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our dear old boy Becks was recently on the George Lopez talk show in the States, spilling the beans on his friendship with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

As well as informing the world of the scary dinnertime karaoke that Tom and Katie like to play, David called Tom “the most handsome man I’ve ever met.”

Now looky here, DB. Perhaps such talk will wash on a late night show no one we know has heard of nor watched, but it won’t wash with any here persons at Kickette HQ, nor any of our well-versed readers. Nice try, though.

Photographic public denouncement of comment below.

If you know a good eye specialist, please forward it on to the Beckham.

Ha,ha.but if you know of someone who need los angeles lasik call beverly hills lasik doc- Dr.Khanna

Soccer World Cup 2010

Republic of South Africa here we come. To enjoy the footwork of great artists and hopefully not the “hand of God”. We need good vision to see the game

Many LASIK patients might wonder if having LASIK is a risk for soccer (football) players or for other sports. Is it safe for a soccer player to have LASIK? Is it safe for a football player to have LASIK?

Soccer and Football With soccer appreciation throughout the world, being at an all-time high, and Donovan and Beckham increasing the interest in the US; many people might wonder if having LASIK is dangerous for the many soccer players (and even American football players) who have had the laser eye vision procedure. Some might wonder if LASIK causes a weakening of the eyeball which could have negative effects upon soccer or football players. Research studies by the US military have concluded that the eye is capable of high degrees of stress following LASIK eye surgery with little or no risk.

After  LASIK eye surgery, patients will be instructed to refrain from physical sports (such as soccer and football) for a period of two weeks. During this time, the eye will heal and will return to a strength very similar to what it was before LASIK. Studies show that there is no loss in cornea integrity in a LASIK procedure that was performed on a well-qualified LASIK candidate. In fact, LASIK can often result in improved vision that can translate into improved athletic performance. Soccer and football players will appreciate the fact that they no longer depend upon glasses or contact lenses. They will discover that soccer and football can be even more enjoyable when played following LASIK eye surgery. Some might even realize that their vision has improved and that after LASIK their performance in soccer or football is also improved.

Part of the requirement not to play sports or exercise immediately after LASIK or other laser eye surgery is to prevent infection. Numerous bacteria are contained within the eyelashes and on the skin around the eye. Sweat from exertion can contain these bacteria which could wash into the eye. For this same reason bathing and showers must be performed with a high degree of caution so that water or fluids do not enter the eye.

Enjoy the beautiful game and enjoy your new vision. Los Angles LASIK can be an advantage in playing soccer or football. Without glasses or contact lenses, the game can be even more enjoyable. Sports participants could love their sport even more following LASIK eye surgery. We would like to thank the tireless AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) for striving to make it easily accesible in this country.

If the Doc feels you are not a candidate for lasik you can still have one of various other procedures like Intacs.