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Athletes have to give their best everytime they step on to the field. A typical NBA player’s body is a machine which is highly tuned and in great shape. So what makes anyone think that their vision should not be the best? A quarterback has to overcome his fears so he can throw an accurate pass,when the defense is about to blitz him. They also need to overcome their fears and go to a top lasik eye doctor to enhance their vision with state of the art lasers.


Miami Heat LASIK

So the wade 3 have not come flying out winning every game. Laser vision correction for the King le bron james and still no record breaking season in the NBA. Miami heat fans don’t fret. Even a good wine needs time to become better. teamwork, basketball and lasik are the same.

Basketball lasik

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Derek Fisher has had successful Lasik eye surgery.NBA stars Amare Stoudemire and Rip Hamilton have done it, along with former LA Lakers Rick Fox and Kurt Rambis among dozens of others. Los Angeles LASIK is an option for most baketball players.