The cheering crowds, the thundering claps, the stomping of feet, all of these make our hearts pump with excitement. We all love athletes and their superior abilities, from little children who idolize their every move to adults at a bar cheering on their favorite team. Sports are one of America’s favorite pass times. To ensure that athletes of all sports are able to perform at their best abilities it is important that they maintain a strong and healthy body. The bodies of athletes act as machines, as they are guided by an intense fire, pushing them to win the game. This makes it imperative that their body’s are kept well tuned and in great shape. But did you know that these machines are guided by the eyes. In order to succeed and excel it is necessary that one has superior vision. Have you ever stopped to think how superb one’s vision must be in order to shoot those goals or dunk baskets from such difficult angles and when only less than a second remains in the game. Performing at your pristine abilities night after night wears on one’s body, this makes it extremely important that we have super vision to avoid that tackle or bump which lead to physical injury. Weather it is Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant, Jack Johnson from the Los Angels Kings, Matt Kemp on the Los Angeles Dodgers or Landon Donovan or David Beckham from la galaxy vision is precious to all.

As Eddie Buddle of the LA Galaxy soccer team goes to shoot the goal, vision is crucial. So whether you are an aspiring athlete or an accomplished sportsman suffering from poor vision, Dr. Khanna can improve your vision with LASIK, ICL, intacs or one of the various refractive surgery modalities. Yes, LASIK can be performance enhancing. As one ages our reaction time begins to slow, if one is already experiencing poor vision this can cause a great deal of problems within a sports environment. Having good quality of vision allows one to react to situations in a faster manner and improves the quality of their performance.